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We do all the work

you get all the credit

Let us help you maximize your marketing initiative and make your message sparkle with a team of My Mobile Nailtechs catering to your collaborators! Staff appreciation, corporate shindigs and industry promotions are even more memorable when they're polished.

POLISHED mobile nail salon

Make your brand pop-ular

We'll nail a sweet spot for your customers, have them singing your praises and flashing your colors on their fingertips to everyone who walks by.


Looking to make a grand gesture?

Send a team of My Mobile Nailtechs to your favorite group. We specialize in providing custom, professional nail services for a crowd. Get your party started and we'll get your VIP's polished.


A complete Polished Event Package begins with two of My Mobile Nailtechs for three hours on weekdays 8 AM to 4 PM at a rate of $430 (gratuities included). 

Note: Each of My Mobile Nailtechs can perform three express nail services per hour.

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