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Leave the filing to us

A desk-side mani at lunch time is multi-tasking at its best. Schedule a Manicure Meeting and check another item off your "to do" list without sacrificing personal time traveling to and from, not to mention waiting in, a crowded and noisy nail salon.

We’re all time-poor

...and a business lunch can drag. Turn your mani-pedi into a professional strategy and get down to business with an elegant solution to several problems at once: Golf is boring, stodgy and takes forever, food has calories, and calluses are unpleasant.

Our Power Pedi is the new power lunch!

Create a signature and build rapport as you close those million dollar deals. Arrange chairs in a semi-circle, and knock thier socks off at your next presentation. While pitching ideas, your potential clients will relax as their high-heel-trodden feet are massaged and exfoliated.

Invite, incite and ignite company moral

It's a proven fact. Feeling good about oneself is linked to higher performance! In-office manicures and pedicures will relieve stress and boost your company morale by helping your employees feel refreshed, polished and put together.


In an economy where employees often feel overworked, your company can give your staff a show of hands, communicating value for your employees' well-being, while ensuring boardrooms aren't so boring anymore

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